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What We Do

Your Game Plan

Game Plan Communications has the staff with skills and structure to answer whatever communications-related challenge you have. Whether your message is large or small – and your audience big or little, we can deliver. Anything that fits under the media, marketing and events banner – we can do.

If you want specifics, we can assist you with (take a deep breath):

media Media

Media relations and publicity

Media releases

Media liaison

Media coordination

Social media strategy and implementation

Issue and reputation management

Crisis communications management

Live news coverage of events

Corporate communications

Media training

All digital communications

Launches – product, business, campaign

Publications – digital and print

Video news releases

marketing Marketing


Brand development



Government relations (Local, State, Federal)

Community and stakeholder engagement

Attracting new customers

Market research

Publications – digital and print

Corporate communications

Digital asset creation

Multimedia content

Website – new or updated

Creative designs

Digital campaigns

Strategic alignments

Influencer marketing

Launches – product, business, campaign

Social media strategy and implementation

events Events

Event Management

Venues, budget, styling, catering, entertainment, runsheets, AV

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners

Balls, brunches and banquets


Launches – product, business, campaign

Media coverage – pre-event and event day

All aspects of bringing your event to life

sponsorship Sponsorship

Sponsor leveraging

Media and PR services

Marketing services

Operational servicing

Event management

Your challenge may not fit in a pigeon-hole.
So, just talk to us and we will find your answer.