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Game Plan Communications Directors Ian Buchanan, Wayne Hickson and Pat McLeod – individually – have handled some of the biggest media campaigns, high profile brands and major events in our great city. Now as a team – with their skills combined – you and your company could not be in better hands.

Pat McLeod

Pat McLeod

phone 0414 620 250

email [email protected]

Pat is one of Queensland’s most experienced and respected journalists. He is also a successful publisher across a variety of platforms.

Pat was a key member of News Corp’s staff on the Gold Coast for more than 25 years. He held senior editorial positions with the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper including Sports Editor, News Editor and Chief Sub Editor. Pat was the instigator and head of News Corp’s very successful sports magazine division on the Gold Coast.

Pat is also a talented writer. As a journalist he has covered sport, crime, business, government and community sectors. He has been on the sidelines as a sports writer for events from local through to international level. He has also written numerous books, many of these being personal and business biographies.

For more than 25 years Pat has run his own publishing house – producing books, magazines and newspapers. In recent years he has embraced the online publishing space. He understands the strengths and potential of both hard-copy and online publishing.

Pat McLeod is a respected name across the entire Gold Coast, especially through business, sport and community circles. He is a long-time and current committee member of the Gold Coast Sporting Hall of Fame.

As a writer he is one of the city’s most experienced and key influencers in telling the stories that have helped convince decision makers to bring numerous major events and brands to the city.

Pat will not only tell your story brilliantly … he will also present it in whatever published form will best get to the heart of your target audience.

Ian Buchanan

Ian Buchanan

phone 0407 242 156

email [email protected]

Ian’s career was built on helping launch the profile of some of the Gold Coast’s biggest personal and corporate brands, managing its major events and helping solve significant business problems. His role as a senior member of the team that drove the commercial success of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games is one of many highlights in a robust 30-year career in this city.

As a television journalist, producer and editor Ian covered general news for a short time before fulfilling the dream of telling the stories of our sporting champions. He presented Prime and Seven News sport and was the Queensland correspondent for national sports program, Sportsworld. He is an award-winning journalist, a skilled publicist, scriptwriter and copywriter, which combined with his strong commercial background, provides Game Plan Communications’ clients with the winning edge.

His 15-year tenure as Titans General Manager, including portfolios of Operations, Media and Marketing, was remarkable for a number of reasons. From a professional standpoint, it evoked an amazing array of skills in business rigour especially during the large periods of time the club spent in crisis. Ian is an operations expert running a portfolio with 35 events including Game Day attracting 12,000 – 24,000 fans each fortnight. He’s a promoter and a budget controller, with expertise in major corporate hospitality operations; facilities and venue management and WHS.

Ian’s commercial skills are high level. His executive role at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games included finalising Rights Holding Broadcasters’ contracts ($65M); protecting commercial arrangements, minimising IP breaches; and kick-starting key hospitality and travel arrangements.

He is skilled in contract management, sponsorship management, brand protection, commercial risk profiling, business compliance and HR.

The obvious goal in any business is results and Ian’s strengths absolutely lie in ensuring the right game plan is in place to achieve the right outcome.

Wayne Hickson

Wayne Hickson

phone 0407 028 917

email [email protected]

Wayne is undoubtedly one of the Gold Coast’s leading media and public relations exponents. His impressive CV boasts success and experience across 30 years and almost every industry, government and community category.

Wayne is highly qualified in a wide range of skills – copywriting, corporate media relations, event management, sport coverage and all forms of content creation – however there are few areas, if any, in the media, marketing and events spectrum, that Wayne has not had successful involvement.

He has proven credentials from local community events through to international level. Wayne has been involved in the press operations of six Olympic Games, five Commonwealth Games, two Paralympic Games and many international world championship events.

He was the Program Manager Communication and Media for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).

Although he is internationally respected for his involvement in ‘big ticket’ occasions, Wayne is also renowned for his assistance in guiding local community events through to best possible outcomes. He is proudly Gold Coast and has been associated with a long line of community and charitable causes and events.

Wayne’s calling card is proven excellence. However, it is his friendly, calm, unflappable nature – even in the most stressful environments – that has most endeared him to his hundreds of clients.